Greek Life: Not like the movies

Matilyn Kerr Columnist

This isn’t going to be your cheesy “welcome back” article. This article might invoke feelings of uncertainty. But isn’t that what college is all about? Feelings of uncertainty? You spend all of your high school years wondering what college will be like for you to ultimately get here and have a brand new start in front of you. Will you make the most of it or will you only do the bare minimum to get by?

Here’s where Greek life comes in. So you think you know about Greek life? They have parties every night, they haze their members, and other bad headlines about members misbehaving. Ok, say “bye Felicia” to those stereotypes. You may find headlines like that at other schools but you are NOT going to find those headlines here. 

On our campus and in our community, you’re going to read stories about how Greek chapters were the top fundraisers for health and cancer research groups and how one men’s chapter courageously shaved their heads bald to help a little girl recover her medical costs. 

Heard of the University Program Council, Students’ Association and Hobo Day Committee? Yeah, their leaders are all card-carrying Greek life members. That stereotype about Greeks not studying and not caring about academics is also totally false. The Greeks on campus are the top performers in their programs, frequently serve as teaching assistants or research assistants and several have even had their hands in starting academic organizations or groups. 

South Dakota State Greekrabbits aren’t your house bunnies, Omega Chis/Kappa Taus/Zeta Beta Zetas or Animal house members.

A Greek experience can open a lot of doors. Behind these doors can be a new network of people who can lift you up and help you become the best person you can be – they might even be that person to share your new Netflix binge obsession with. 

Greek life doesn’t just open opportunities now but for the rest of your life. You will never know if your future interviewer will be your brother or sister. You might even find comfort in passing a car on the road with Greek letters on it. It is truly incredible how no matter the letters, Greek students automatically watch out for each other in any setting. You get a sense of community you have never known.

You will also have great experiences to build your leadership or programming skills by helping coordinate a chapter or event. Many chapters even offer travel opportunities to regional or national conferences and international experiences.

Do you want your time on campus to be a countdown or do you really want to experience college? Greek organizations aren’t something to be afraid of or stereotyped. Greek organizations set out to help you become the person you were always destined to be while equipping you with personal growth and leadership opportunities. Consider checking out the Greek recruitment events occurring for men Aug. 31 through Sept. 12 and women on September 16 through 20.

Matilyn Kerr is a entrepreneurial studies major here at SDSU and can be reached at [email protected]