Variety of clubs offer new experiences

Shanell Peterson, Reporter

The beginning of the school year is filled with smiling faces, free food and shameless self-promotion for most clubs and organizations.

Clubs battle—in good fun, of course—for the attention of students who want to get involved on campus, and South Dakota State University is no exception. With more than 200 clubs and organizations on campus, students are given the opportunity to get involved.

Oftentimes, students attend multiple meetings for various organizations to see where they want to focus their attentions. It is an exciting time for both prowling students and recruiting organizations.

Alexandria Kub is a junior chemistry, biochemistry and Spanish triple major who is trying to recruit more members for her club, Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society.

The ACS club is a fairly new club on campus. It has only been around for two years and members are trying to get more people – chemistry majors or not – involved with the group.

Students in the ACS club will do a variety of activities throughout the year.

“Our favorite thing to do is put on chemistry demonstrations – particularly for children,” Kub said. “Last year, during National Chemistry Week…we went to the Children’s Museum.”

While the ACS club is teaching young kids about chemistry, the American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences/Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is helping the community in its own way.

“[AAFCS/FCCLA] is a service-based organization. We are open to anyone who was a member of FCCLA in high school or is interested in being involved in the organization now,” said Kali Lenhoff, junior family and consumer sciences education and Spanish double major.

The club Lenhoff is involved in is a bit different than high school FCCLA. In high school, students participated in a variety of projects aimed at teaching practical life skills. While that is still an option at the collegiate level, AAFCS/FCCLA focuses more on volunteer work.

Last year, Lenhoff and the other AAFCS/FCCLA members helped with Harvest Table and the Brookings Backpack Project. The group plans to participate in similar projects this year. The club also plans on sending gifts to children overseas during the holiday season.

SDSU students can also become active on campus by literally getting active.

The SDSU Dance Club offers students, with or without prior dance experience, the opportunity to have fun, learn new things and meet new people. In the past, students have learned contemporary, hip-hop, swing, salsa, Indian-style and even belly dancing through the club.

“[Dance club] is a great advantage for people that don’t know how to dance or [people who] do know and [want to learn] all these different styles,” said Cassie Pospishil, junior architecture major and president of dance club.

There are countless opportunities for students to get involved on SDSU’s campus. Chemistry, community service and dancing are just a few options. Kub offers some advice for students that may be a little on the fence about joining a campus organization.

“At least find one club that really fits your interest,” Kub said. “That will help ground you in school, and it will make it a lot more fun!”