Dad’s Weekend: Not the only time to appreciate your dad


Growing up as a daddy’s girl, you always expect some privileges over other siblings. And if you are a daddy’s girl too, then you can relate to the experiences that I have had. From tools to cars and driving to sports, there are things you mostly learn mostly from dad. 

Dads are one of the most patient teachers in your life. Learning to drive was so easy for me because my dad would keep himself calm while I would press the accelerator instead of the brakes and vice versa. He would not freak out when I could not reverse in middle of the traffic and ask people to wait while I would struggle with the gears.

It is not wrong to say that dads treat their daughters like princesses and do the sweetest things for them. I remember how my dad threw my brother into the pool to teach him how to swim. But for me, he would hold my arms and let me float. And he would do this for hours. Isn’t that so sweet? 

Many of you must have spent your weekends or breaks doing outdoor activities with your dads. Some go hunting, some go fishing, or some play sports. For me, I cooked with my dad over the weekends. Speaking of cooking, it is funny to see how dads treat cooking like an art rather than just a chore. They show off their chef side, whether or not they are an expert cook. 

They are also the ones you can ask for things that your mom doesn’t let you have. Want a dress or just some candy? Just let your dad know. He will try to get that thing for you, sometimes ignoring your mom. He is sometimes the one who goes way beyond budget to fulfill your needs and will let you do things that you really want. 

One time during middle school, my dad supported me to take a trip which was beyond our budget, but he convinced my mom somehow. Not only did he help me shop for the trip, but he was happier than I was.

It is very common for moms to blame dads for spoiling their daughters. Honestly, I feel that he made me lazy sometimes. Dads are the ones who are really cool about your grades. For every bad score you get in your exam, he would be the one to say, “It is okay. Do better next time.” They will never compare you to your siblings. They are also the one who will listen to your opinion with the utmost attention, no matter how dumb your opinions may sound. 

My all-time favorite conversations I have with my dad focus on politics. Everyone in the family would know about any big political event. Not because they follow news, but because our dad does. He will talk about political events with great seriousness literally every time we all are together. 

I love having discussions with him. Not only are dads great listeners, but they are also someone you seek advice from. From banking or any other official paperwork, he is the first person you would go to. In fact, most of the time he will do it for you. 

If you are a girl who loves sports, then watching matches and commenting on the game is something you must have done. I may not follow cricket, but whenever there is some important match, I love to watch it with my dad. It is fun to get super excited about a match when it  becomes intense, and not caring if it’s two in the morning. 

When it comes to guys, my dad would always say “You are too young to think about this. Just focus on studies.” And he looks so sweet when he is being protective. 

Also, dads are different. Some are serious, some are emotional and quiet, while some are super funny. You know that no matter how he is from outside, he is really emotional at heart. He may not cry but he would act differently when the time you leave home comes. 

After completing high school, some students go for higher studies, while some move out and work. We get busy with the new life, new people and surroundings. But we do not realize, while we are excited with our new beginnings, for our parents, a part of them is away. You spent years of national holidays, Christmas, Halloween with them, now you are miles away from them. All they need is some time with you. 

So this weekend, go out with your dads and give them some of the best memories of their life. They deserve it. For all their unconditional love and sacrifices. For their efforts to make you smile. You do not need a reason to be with him. Not just for Dad’s Weekend either, but he needs your love and attention for more than just a weekend. You do not have to see him physically, just let him know how much you love him, no matter how far you have come. Maybe call him more often. Maybe give him a surprise visit. You all have your own superhero, so treat him like one.

Palak Barmaiya is a civil engineering major and can be reached at [email protected]