Two amendments passed at SA meeting

The Students’ Association voted unanimously to pass two amendments at its Oct. 19 meeting. The two resolutions focused on extending the resolution reading period and enforcing a stricter representation of ex-officios at SA meetings. SA also had its first readings of three resolutions in support of a smoke-free campus, tobacco-free campus and electronic cigarette-free campus.

Amendment 15-01-A will extend the reading period to two readings and resolutions may be passed following the second reading. This amendment ensures that the Senate has two full weeks or longer to read and discuss resolutions as well as more time to communicate with students about their opinions on the resolutions.

“We meet every week. There’s no reason we can’t slow down and pump the breaks a little,” said SA vice president Matt Dahle in support of the amendment.

Amendment 15-01-A will require stricter regulation of ex-officio representation at SA. If an ex-officio seat remains vacant for three consecutive meetings, the organization’s representation will be suspended for the remainder of the current term. The organization’s representation will be removed from the Senate if the seat remains vacant for one year.

In other business, SA had its first reading of Resolutions 15-07-R, 15-08-R and 15-09-R and Amendment 15-03-A. All resolutions dealt with the possibility of a smoke-, tobacco- or electronic cigarette-free campus. 15-03-A focused on representation of at-large senators on the Corporation Board of Directors. The amendment proposed that for every three Senate seats occupied by at-large senators, one at-large senator be selected as a representative to serve on the board.

Chad Vossekuil, coordinator of intramural sports, club sports and summer camps, addressed the Senate in the open forum portion of the meeting about the Wellness Center’s system of allocating funds to club sports.

The Senate will meet next Monday, Oct. 26 at Jack’s Place in the Lower Level of The Union.