Say hello to changes that fall brings



Winds are getting colder. A bed of yellow and red leaves falling off the trees has covered the ground.The season of autumn has arrived. As nature transitions from summer to winter, we witness the beauty of this change.

Celebrations around the world have started. Day of the Dead in Mexico, and other parts of the world, remembers loved ones who passed away. Kunchi festival in Japan celebrates its culture and brings family and friends together. Similarly, Mid-Autumn Festival in China is celebrated with family and friends, cherishing the brightest moon together with a dinner. Diwali in India is a festival of lights and celebrates the victory of light over darkness. All these festivals celebrate the togetherness of family, relationships and love.

If one looks around now, they will see that Halloween decorations are out. And along with Halloween time comes time for pumpkins. They should technically be called our autumn mascots, because literally, from muffins to lattes and to our homes, pumpkin is everywhere and in everything (no offense, but I LOVE a good pumpkin muffin).

Decorations are everywhere. Maple leaves, smiling pumpkin faces lying on the front porch, happy yard-stakes celebrating harvest; this blend of orange and red is just cheerful.

But these celebrations are for a reason. We celebrate the arrival of the new season, a new beginning. We celebrate togetherness and most importantly, we celebrate change. Nature is not the only one to change at this time, we as people change as well. Just like a tree sheds all its leaves, it is the time we shed things which are helping us to grow. Change is much needed and indeed is beautiful.

Maybe this season we could give ourselves a chance to celebrate the change in our lives. So do not be afraid to trust yourself for once. Maybe take inspiration from nature and remind ourselves that change is beautiful. If it does not do any good, it definitely does not cause any harm either.

Maybe it is the time to move on from things, people or feelings with a lesson. So this season, when we decorate our homes, let’s decorate our lives too. It is worth it. A lot of time has already been wasted in thinking whether we should or should not do something. Maybe we should celebrate what we have and what is coming, and celebrate how far we have come. Maybe we can take a moment and stop thinking. Maybe we can take a look around and at our life. Maybe this is the time for a new start if that is what you are looking for. With time, celebrations often lose their meaning. But this time, maybe we celebrate the true essence of these festivities.

Palak Barmaiya is a civil engineering major and can be reached at palak.barmaiya@