New food venue serves as Caliente replacement

The Bindle kiosk in the Market of the Student Union.

Karim Abdelazim Reporter

With 17 different food venues spread across five locations, SDSU can claim to house a wide variety of dining options that meet the needs and wants of almost everyone on campus. One of the more recent changes to the dining venues is The Bindle at The Market.

This new venue is the result of a request from the University Food Service Advisory Committee (UFSAC), who requested a non-fast food type option to be made available to the students as well as the results from student surveys.

“It is for those who want a healthier food style,” said JoLee Frederiksen, general manager for Aramark at South Dakota State University.

The Bindle, according Jennifer Radder, the marketing manager Aramark at South Dakota State University, is the one of two places on campus that offers home-cooked style food. Larson Commons is the other dining location.

The new venue has taken the place of the go-to for Mexican food at The Market, Caliente. The choice to replace Caliente was mostly because it was the lowest performing venue at The Market.

“The surveys had asked for something like that,” said Frederiksen. “Only one voice of consumer said they miss it.”

The Bindle, meaning a bag or a sack with a stick used to carry items, stereotypically used by hobos, has a three-week rotation menu with room for special dates, such as a Thanksgiving special.

Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays serve home-cooked style foods while Tuesdays and Wednesdays have traditional Mexican food. The mix is an attempt to satisfy those who enjoyed eating at Caliente. Usually, the small dining service offers one or two main dishes with options of an entrée or a side.

 “I enjoy their food. I find it to be one of the healthier places available,” said Matthew Jesperson, a junior economics major. “I just wish they didn’t only offer one main dish a day, hopefully in the future they will improve on that.”

Frederiksen said the number of dishes they offer will “most likely not change” as they are restricted by space. However she did say that the specific station is an “ever-evolving one” and that they will refresh the menu come Spring Break.

Some dishes offered include lasagna, roasted turkey and fish with a variety of sides. The menu has still not been incorporated on the dining services website.

Although deemed as a great addition by some, The Bindle hasn’t met the expectations of others, who still insist Aramark can provide better food and more varieties.

“I thought they were well-priced compared to the other options on campus,” said Farid Ahmed, a junior biological sciences. “Although this is a step in the right direction, I still think Aramark can do better providing healthy options and not just one main dish per day.”