Parking meters placed in four locations on campus

Twelve parking meters were installed last week around campus for quick access to parking spots.


Four meters were placed outside of four different locations across campus: Yeager Hall, Wagner Hall, the Administration building and the Architecture, Mathematics and Engineering buildings.


The meters accept 75 cents for 30 minutes of parking space in either quarters or credit cards.


Using Hobo Dough as an alternative to paying for the parking meters could be a possibility by next semester says Jason Soren, parking services administrator.


All parking meters are available for use, except for meters outside of the AME building according to Soren. Those parking meters will be operating as soon as the necessary parts are available.


The meters were placed on campus in effort to increase traffic flow around campus. It will also allow the University Police Department to more easily identify when someone is parked over the time limit in 20 minute parking spaces.


In researching citations and tickets from UPD, Soren found that most appeals to tickets from parking in reserved lots pleaded that the people were only dropping something off or picking something up for just a few minutes.


Soren believes the parking meters will reduce the amount of tickets handed to people because of the access to short-term parking.