UPD relocates, upgrades office space

SARA BERTSCH Editor-in-Chief

Complete with bulletproof glass, dual security and much-needed space, the University Police Department moved to its new location two weeks ago. 

Sitting in the shadow of the Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium, the new building rests on the east side of the stadium, boasting an approximate 7,000 square feet. 

Prior to the move, UPD was housed in the Alvilda Myre Sorenson Center in a space estimated at 4,500 square feet according to David Law, project manager/engineer with Facilities and Services Engineering.

UPD shared the building with three classrooms and child family services, crowding everybody in the building, Operations Sgt. William Taylor said. 

But with its new location, that’s no longer the case.

Some might overlook the new UPD location because of its proximity to the stadium, but according to Deputy Chief Michael Kilber, it’s larger than it seems.

“There’s perception that it’s small next to the stadium, but it’s not,” Kilber said.

The final cost of the building was $1,502,050 according to Law. The money came from the Higher Education Facility Funds, also known as HEFF. 

The building features a new dispatch center, which includes a bulletproof transaction window. There is also space dedicated for evidence holding areas, interview rooms, office space, squad rooms and a larger training room. 

Everything in the new space was created to allow the UPD to seek accreditation through the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators, Law said.

The building also has two garage stalls, something the police department has not had before. Now that the snow has fallen, this might be the officers’ favorite feature according to Kilber.

“Space has been the best part of moving in here, just increase in square footage,” Kilber said. “Come winter, the garages will be the best part of the moving.” 

The new location allows UPD officers to have quick access to other campus buildings including The Union, the Performing Arts Center and the Wellness Center. 

With the future in mind, Kilber said eventually the UPD building will be centrally located as SDSU grows. But for now, the new location is still easily accessible for officers and students. 

The UPD staffs 12 full-time officers, three part-time officers and 11 student patrol officers. The student officers are current students at SDSU and do not have any law enforcement authority according to Kilber. 

There are also four full-time dispatchers, one part-time dispatcher and one operation supervisor. 

“We’re excited about the new facility…” Kilber said. “We are a protection group. We’re a helping group. We’re here to help. We are a resource available to [students].”

With the new facility, the UPD hopes to reorganize and reframe the organization, to ultimately be more readily available to students.