All of SDSU should be prepared for the unpredictableness of South Dakota winters

The Collegian Staff


The first snow of the season has hit campus.


Be sure to take proper caution to stay safe this winter.

It is anything but a typical day at South Dakota State University. There is snow, but the four feet of snow that has fallen is more than we haven seen in all the winters put together. The temperature is 40 degrees below zero with wind chill and there is a 30 mph wind. And yet, school is not cancelled.

In fact, when President Chicoine made the announcement that school was to remain open despite the disastrous weather conditions, his famous mustache froze and broke off when he was hit by a powerful gust of wind.

When you look outside at the sidewalks, you see students so bundled up they bounce when they fall down and just lay where they fell, like turtles. Most students don’t get up and eventually cause other students to fall, causing a collision of heavily bundled-up students. 

The students who were walking in the wind tunnel between Avera and the Barn have yet to be found after they were blown away by the strong gusts running through the alley way. The University Police Department is continuing to search for the students.

Students are coming together to protect the beloved campus squirrels. As temperatures continue to drop, students are attempting to bring the squirrels into the residence halls, which is causing an uproar among CAs.

The scenario described above is highly unrealistic and will not occur. But winters can be hazardous in South Dakota if you are not prepared for them, which can include wearing the appropriate clothing: mittens, hat, scarf, coat and pants.

Winter preparedness can also include observing winter conditions and reacting to roads and sidewalks on campus and in the Brookings community. During winter weather events it is a good idea to stay in the location that you are in when the storm begins, but if you must travel there are a few things that would be a good idea to bring along. These items include: blankets, some food to snack on and a pair of jumper cables.

It is also a good idea to leave the location you are leaving from with a full tank of fuel so you can keep your vehicle running to stay warm in the event you end up getting stuck somewhere along the way to your intended destination. 

But, if weather conditions ever became apocalyptic as the scene describes, The Collegian hopes that classes would be cancelled, but we cannot speak for the university as a whole.

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