Fashion Forward


Shanell Peterson Lifestyles Reporter

Name: Renee Halgerson

 Major: Teaching Assistant and Mass Communications Graduate Student


 Describe your style.

 I like classic looks that are a bit trendy, but nothing that would go out of style in six months. I wear a lot of dresses, a lot of skirts, boots. I like leather boots, leather jackets, but a skirt underneath. Or a dress underneath. I love statement jewelry.


Where do you shop?

 I got this dress from J.Ella here in town. I love to shop locally whenever I can.


What is the most important thing to keep in mind when picking your outfit in the morning?

 Look at the weather first of all. If it’s snowing, I’m going to wear boots. Second of all, what I have going on that day. I run a business. I’m tearing down an event today, so I know I wanted something more functional, more practical than high heels if I’m going to be running all over town.

 How has your style evolved over the years?

 I went from working in a corporate position a couple of years ago, so I dressed very corporate, which was dress shirt and pants. Now, I own my own business. I work with brides. I teach. I’m a student. So, I’m a firm believer of dressing for the position or job you want, not the job you have. I need to dress as if a bride walked in and wanted a $50,000 wedding—and I need to be dressed like I could give that to her. I always want to dress just a step above what people are expecting of me.


 How do you stay warm and look cute at the same time?

 I love the layered look. You can take if off as you need throughout the day and still look put together and nice.


 Fashion tip:

 Layer up your outfit.