SA begins president, vice president nominations


President and vice president nominations opened for the first time at the Students’ Association meeting Monday, Feb. 8. Sens. Nathan Condelli and Robert McLean were the first pair nominated for the positions.

In the open forum portion of the meeting, Brookings City Councilwoman Patty Bacon spoke to the Senate about her experience as a council member. She spoke on her efforts toward affordable housing in Brookings and her push for a pilot program of keeping chickens inside city limits.

“They actually make good pets,” Bacon said to the Senate.

SA approved a special allocation of $1,942.91 to the Human Powered Vehicle Team. The team designs, builds, fabricates and competes in a human powered vehicle, similar to bicycle.

The Senate also had first readings for five different bills. Ordinances 14-03-O, 15-04-O and 14-02-O focus on graduate teaching assistant, adviser and teacher of the year awards. Resolution 15-17-R supports an increase in staff for student health and amendment 15-07-A ensures that a stock photo will be used for senators running in the general election.

Adviser Doug Wermedal announced information about Tapingo use on campus, informing senators that SDSU has the highest number of orders made during the introduction of the remote ordering service across the country. To read more about Tapingo, see Less lines, more time: Students use Tapingo app on A1..

The next SA meeting will be Monday, Feb. 22 at 7 p.m. in the Lewis and Clark room in The Union.