Make way for the SDSU step teams


The Ladies of BSA Step perform at the event Saturday, Feb. 6 bringing awareness to Black Lives Matter and showing off a month’s worth of practice.

HAILEY KLINE Lifestyles Editor

Students took time to step into the South Dakota State University step teams’ performances. 

The 13th annual Black Student Alliance step show was Saturday Feb. 6 in the Performing Arts Center at 7 p.m.

Teams from Minnesota and Omaha, Nebraska as well as three teams from SDSU performed to a full house. 

Each step team performed a series of step choreography with music and synchronized dance moves, demonstrating their abilities. 

BSA found it fitting to do the show in February in honor of Black History Month. The event was hosted by Anson Mareus and Sarina McClurge, two members of BSA. 

SDSU’s ROTC Drill Team started off the night with their routine, compiled of eight men incorporating guns into their performance. This performance was unique in comparison to the remainder of the show. No music played behind the drill team, and they were the only team to use a prop throughout the performance. 

Up next was the SDSU Ladies Step Team who began their performance in masks. 

Five teams followed the Ladies Step Team performance, all of which were either sororities or fraternities. Because of this, their performances included chants regarding their chapter information, origins and founders. Each performance was designed to fit each sorority or fraternwity, which gave each performance individuality.

Closing out the show was the Men’s Step Team of SDSU. According to their performance, they had “stolen the show” last year and were being questioned for this crime in their new performance. Beginning with a slide show and ending with an applause, the Men’s Step Team presented their routine with confidence. 

After every performance finished, Mareus and McClurge presented awards to individuals playing major roles in the production.