Senate introduces bill calling for gender neutral bathrooms

The Students’ Association had its first reading of a resolution in support of defining single-occupancy, family and gender neutral bathrooms.

Resolution 15-22-R: “Students’ Association Support of Continued Efforts to Foster an Environment of Inclusion through Campus Facilities” also calls for an updated map of South Dakota State restrooms.

By defining some restrooms as single-occupancy, family and gender neutral, the bill reads that the facilities can accommodate people with children or people not comfortable using gender specific restrooms.

The Senate also had its first reading of three other resolutions.

Resolution 15-21-R supports the restructuring of the Student Federation. Student Federation is a body of students representing the six South Dakota Board of Regents universities. Representatives from each university and the university’s own student government leaders sit on the Student Federation.

Resolution 15-23-R supports digital speed signage and flashing intersection crossing signals between the east lot and campus. This measure would help to ensure safety for pedestrians.

Resolution 15-24-R called for additional University Police Department officers. According to the resolution, SDSU averages one UPD officer for every 1,046 students. The University of South Dakota, Montana State and North Dakota State average one officer for every 801 students.

All four resolutions will be up for debate at the next SA meeting Monday, March 28 at 7 p.m. in the Lewis and Clark room in the Student Union.