SA president announces plans to run for legislature

SARA BERTSCH Editor-in-Chief

Students’ Association President Caleb Finck announced his plans for after graduation—to run for State Senate in South Dakota’s 19th District earlier this week.

Finck took out petitions for his senate campaign on Monday, March 14. One of his priorities is the maintenance of a strong education system in South Dakota. 

“I want our state’s education system to be vibrant and competitive,” Finck said in a press release. “The taxpayers of District 19 and the state at large will know that, if they send me to Pierre, they will have an advocate for an education system that promotes growth and opportunity.” 

Finck will soon finish up a two-year term as the SA president. He also served as a legislative intern with the South Dakota House of Representatives. 

In May, Finck will graduate with a degree in agricultural leadership. He plans to further his education with an online master’s degree in community development. 

Finck is originally from Tripp, South Dakota and will return there in May. 

“When I was a kid I heard the phrase ‘We are only as strong as our smallest community,’” Finck said. “We need to do everything we can to keep our small towns strong and continue to make them stronger.”