Condelli, McLean aspire to create change

SARA BERTSCH Editor-in-Chief

With a fairly new group of senators stepping up in next year’s Students’ Association, Nathaniel Condelli looks to take advantage of the fresh faces. 

Condelli, who is running for SA president, currently serves as a representative for the College of Education and Human Sciences. He teamed up with Robert McLean, current at-large senator, for this year’s race. 

Condelli and McLean have three main points they have set for themselves. The first is campus safety and security. They want to make campus even safer, but not just security-wise, they want to look at the mental and physical well-being of students. 

“That is something that always needs improving,” McLean, sophomore agricultural education major, said. 

Their second point is looking at the student body experience. Condelli has worked with SDSU athletics for the majority of his time on campus and wants to create a better atmosphere and athletic experience for students. 

Not only will they look at the student body’s experience at athletic events but also with their advisers.

They want to create a better relationships between advisers and advisees as they step into their department-specific advisers. 

Finally, Condelli and McLean want to create a better communication level between SA and the student body.

This may include going to first-year seminar classes or having a table on main street in The Union. 

“We want to create an informed student body…and to assist the student body in anything they need,” Condelli, a fourth-year sports management major, said.

Although neither Condelli or McLean have experience on the SA executive board, they both agree that it doesn’t hinder them as candidates. 

“We both have such a passion for it. We care about the students. We care about the changes we see on campus and not everybody does,” McLean said. 

Both have held leadership positions in other areas, according to McLean. They also continue to have close relationships with past executive members. 

When deciding to run, one thing that inspired Condelli was the students. On a campus with more than 12,000 students, he looks at each of them individually. 

“We have individual students with individual needs,” Condelli said. 

Another area that Condelli and McLean want to change is the space for student organizations. SA will be voting on a General Activity Fee increase, which Condelli and McLean are “pretty positive about.”

The increase will allow for an expanded Volstorff Ballroom. They also want to bring the Multicultural center to the main floor of The Union. It is currently housed in the lower level of the Union. 

Overall, Condelli and McLean just want to see change. 

“We want this because we want to see change on campus especially positive change” McLean said. “Forget our names, forget our titles, we’re here for the students.”