Vote: It’s that simple

The Collegian staff


A small percent of the student body are voting for their Students’ Association president, vice president and representatives.


Students should vote in order to have their opinion and voices heard by their senators and administrators.

Every spring semester, there is a solid week-and-a-half of students campaigning and asking for your vote. It’s around this time every year that students become very aware of the Students’ Association. 

While some don’t know who they are or what they do, they are encouraged to vote. 

We, at The Collegian, believe that it’s time students finally learn what this group is, what the senators are doing and why they are asking for your vote. 

The Students’ Association is a governmental body on our campus consisting of students. They vote on issues that affect us all, including organization funding, smoking bans and much more. 

We are approaching that time of year again where students are asking for our vote and wanting to hear our needs. 

We encourage all of you to vote, because why not? 

The students who are running for Senate are students just like all of us, they represent the student body. Their role is to be the voice for the students of the college they represent. They actually try to influence change to improve the student experience.

Senators interact directly with administrators on campus so they are able to bring students’ problems to someone who can make a change, but if students don’t vote or care, their concerns cannot be addressed. 

By not voting, students are allowing individuals who have differing opinions than themselves to become senators. 

In our opinion, students are indifferent to SA, thus less people are running for Senate. This causes a less competitive race and decreases the amount of individuals in the election. 

SA has improved the ease and accessibility of voting. Students are able to vote at polling stations and they can also vote online. It’s easy and students should not have any excuses. 

This is our university and the choices SA makes influences our college experience and we all should care about what they do.

So, this year, you should make the effort to vote. It is easy to do. If someone does not vote, they are leaving their future university experience in the hands of someone else. 

It’s simple: vote in this year’s SA elections on March 22 and 23.

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