The search is ‘Dunn’ in finding a new president

The Collegian staff


The next president of SDSU was announced, finally.


Choosing Barry Dunn as SDSU’s next president solidifies the future of this campus.

This week, faculty, staff and students finally received an answer to one of the biggest questions of the semester — who will be South Dakota State’s next president? 

Lucky for us, the next president is a familiar face. He even has his own ice cream flavor. Barry Dunn was appointed as David Chicoine’s successor. And it is common knowledge of Dunn’s love for SDSU. 

During the transitioning process from Chicoine to Dunn, it is important to look at what Chicoine has done during his time at SDSU and to look forward at what Dunn will bring to the university.

Chicoine has been responsible for raising considerable funds, being an active participant in student-hosted events, creating strategic plans, making new majors and degrees, building new buildings and residence halls, increasing success in academic programs and switching to NCAA Division I athletics.

In addition to all of his professional success, he has also made a personal attempt to get to know the students. He and his wife, Marcia, are present at many international nights. 

Also, he embraces the love the student body has for his famous mustache. But all good things eventually come to a close.

We, The Collegian, believe that Chicoine leaving is a loss for SDSU, but Dunn is fully capable to fill the empty position and continue SDSU’s strong legacy.

Dunn was born and raised in South Dakota, which allows him to resonate with a large population on campus. His past has allowed him to connect with all students. 

To top it all off, Dunn received his bachelor’s, master’s and doctorate all at SDSU. 

During the interview process, Dunn said that he bleeds yellow and blue. His statement is evidence to his advocacy for internships, study abroad and everything related to SDSU.

It was a no-brainer for Dunn to become president because he knows the campus in a way none of the other presidential candidates could. Dunn becoming president also provides a smoother transition from the Chicoine administration to the Dunn administration.

The only complaint The Collegian has is that Dunn does not have any distinguishing facial hair. 

However, the deed is ‘Dunn.’ He is our new president and the campus is ready to see what the years ahead will bring.

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