SA calls for increase in UPD officers

The Students’ Association passed Resolution 15-24-R in support of an increase in University Police Department officers at its April 4 meeting.

The resolution was postponed from last week so Don Challis, assistant vice president of safety and security, could speak to the Senate about the importance of increasing UPD numbers on campus.

Challis spoke during the Open Forum portion of the meeting about increased numbers, bystander intervention, safety walking across campus and sexual assaults. He said South Dakota State hasn’t addressed staffing of UPD in 10 years and a new increase will cost more than $58,000.

The Senate also passed Amendment 15-08-A, which established a code of ethics for senators in the organization’s bylaws, and Resolution 15-25-R, which recognizes the outstanding service of Betty Nelson, a long-time secretary and program assistant in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications. The resolution would make April 6, 2016 “Betty Nelson Day.”

In the New Business portion of the meeting SA approved a constitution for C’est la Veg, an organization educating students about vegetarianism and veganism. The Senate also discussed the Fiscal Year 2017 Students’ Association budget and had first readings for eight bills.

The budget was cut by $63,000 from last year’s budget, resulting in a 14 percent cut.

The eight bills introduced were:

Resolution 15-26-R: SDSU Students’ Association asks that ARAMARK offer more, less expensive meal plans.

Resolution 15-27-R: SDSU Students’ Association support for replacing the bathroom faucets in Rotunda.

Resolution 15-28-R: SDSU Students’ Association support for adding breastfeeding-designated rooms at SDSU.

Resolution 15-29-R: In solidarity with the marginalized students, staff and faculty at South Dakota State University.

Resolution 15-30-R: Repainting the road and parking markings at South Dakota State University.

Resolution 15-31-R: SDSU SA support for enhanced maintenance and removal of low hanging tree branches over sidewalks on campus.

Ordinance 15-05-O: Students’ Association Withdrawal from the South Dakota Student Federation.

Sens. Robert McLean, Michael Schulte, Wyatt Johnson, Lane Speirs, Jakob Etrheim, Nick Lorang and Semehar Ghebrekidan were nominated for the Senator of the Year award.

The next SA meeting will be Monday, April 11 at 7 p.m. in the Lewis and Clark room in The Union. Incoming senators will be sworn in, and it will be the final meeting of the session.