$103,229.44: State-A-Thon proves not all heroes wear capes


Christian Postma, brain cancer survivor, runs down Main Street in The Union as students clap in support for the opening ceremony for State-A-Thon April 2, 2019. Kyle Schiltz, State-A-Thon morale co-chair, runs behind him.

HAILEY KLINE Lifestyles Editor

A day of laughter, dancing and pies to the face. State-A-Thon provided hours of fun for 16 families who have benefited from the Children’s Miracle Network. 

This year, SAT raised $103,229.44 April 2 on National State-A-Thon Day at South Dakota State University. 

Thisis an incrase from last year of more than $15,000. 

Everything from group games to small group activities filled the day with entertainment for everyone involved. 

This year’s theme of “Be a Hero” was prevalent throughout the day. A dance, called The Morale Dance, was executed every hour to contribute to the Dance-A-Thon. 

Fundraising directly on site in the Volstorff Ballroom, as well as through online donations, took place throughout the day, but each team participating had a goal to reach prior to April 2. 

Kelly Beneke, a junior pharmacy major, was astonished at the total of donations made at SAT. “When the final total was revealed, I jumped up and down and broke out crying,” Beneke said. “My heart was so overwhelmed from the thought of how many miracle families would benefit from $100,000.” 

Beneke was also amazed by the support she saw at SAT. 

“It is crazy to think that one campus, one community and one organization can make a difference in the lives of many,” she said. 

Taylor Donnelly, a junior spanish and pre-occupational therapy major, talked about the impact SAT has made on her life. 

“SAT is one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had at SDSU,” she said. 

Donnelly was mostly impressed with the children and families at the event.

 “They were the true miracles and true heroes of the day,” she said.