SDSU wins third South Dakota Showdown Series

South Dakota State took this year’s South Dakota Corn Showdown trophy against the University of South Dakota 16-13.

The South Dakota Corn Showdown is an annual event that pits SDSU against USD in athletics and academics. Each time the two schools compete against each other in an event, the winning school receives one point. Football puts two points in the balance and academic achievement for each school receives three points.

This is the third time SDSU has won the showdown in the four years it’s been in place. SDSU took back this year’s title after USD took last year’s title with a 14-13 win.

Here’s what SDSU beat USD in this year:

  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Men’s cross country
  • Football
  • Men’s basketball (twice)
  • Women’s swimming and diving
  • Men’s swimming and diving
  • Men’s indoor track and field
  • Men’s golf
  • Women’s golf
  • Softball

A trophy was presented for SDSU’s achievement Tuesday, May 31 by South Dakota Corn Utilization officials.