Editorial: The Brown Hall renovation was completed earlier this month.

South Dakota State officials announced the completion of the Brown Hall renovation Aug. 10. The residence hall has been part of the university since 1959 and holds history and memories that are a part of the university. The renovation included upgrades to the living facilities such as new air conditioning units and kitchen units.

We, at The Collegian, believe this renovation was necessary and shows SDSU officials care about and invest in their students. The change benefits students by upgrading their living quarters, but it also changes students’ mentalities toward living in the building and their experience at SDSU.

Brown Hall could have been torn down and that history would have turned to dust. Instead, university officials chose to save the history of the building. This renovation was probably the most cost-effective and the main reason behind renovation instead of demolition. However, we, at The Collegian, appreciate that the history of the residence hall is preserved. Renovating also had other benefits like less construction and less of a mess.

We, at The Collegian, think renovations should continue throughout campus. There are multiple buildings that need renovations but aren’t given much attention, like updating Waneta Hall or tearing down Scobey Hall because of its mold infestation. Starting with the buildings people live in is important to showing students the quality of their college experience is valued by the university.

It’s also nice to see new buildings across campus. It shows the public and donors that SDSU is a good investment and encourages more donations. It’s the cycle of money—buildings go where the funding goes.

But instead of working on the Jackrabbit Green just yet, maybe it’s more important to give priority to the buildings where students, faculty and staff live and work.

Mold isn’t good. If university officials want students, as well as staff and faculty, to be happy and healthy, then they should make sure the risk of getting sick from mold in Scobey Hall is being taken care of first rather than giving priority to new landscaping on campus.

These renovations and new buildings should also show that the university gives equal support to its students—not just science, technology, engineering and math programs or athletics, but the liberal arts as well. For instance, students in the School of Design take their classes in an old cafeteria building with poor lighting for their work. Moving the program to a better suited location, or renovating parts of the current building, would show students in the program they’re just as important as other students.

We, at The Collegian, appreciate everything university officials do to continue investing in this campus and its students. The renovations in Brown Hall were steps in the right direction. Now they need to continue the work throughout campus.

Up next on our list: Waneta Hall. The hall is old and needs updating. There are bathtubs that are outdated and foot pedal flushing toilets.


Like Brown Hall, other residence halls and academic buildings across SDSU should get the same attention and renovation efforts. This shows university officials are investing in students.