Editorial: There’s nothing to do but bar hop after 11 p.m. in Brookings.

There’s nothing to do in Brookings for people under 21 years old after 11 p.m.

Maybe not nothing, but there’s a general lack of activities for sure.

This situation makes it seem like Brookings can be a pretty boring place. We, at The Collegian, don’t think Brookings is boring, but there are definite ways for it to improve and include more people in the Brookings community.

Students who arrive at South Dakota State from smaller towns generally see Brookings as a gold mine for new and exciting things to do. There’s a thriving downtown life, weekly community events and even a Wal-Mart. People can spend hours each weekend building forts inside the super store.

But students coming from larger cities and metropolitan areas see Brookings as “small town USA” and there’s not much here relative to urban areas. Even the library isn’t open past midnight.

This leaves students under 21 without a place to go for late night hang out sessions except for the bowling alley or the occasional “Underage Rage” at the 9 Bar and Club. Not everyone wants to switch between the two.

We, at The Collegian, think Brookings would benefit from opening an 18 and older lounge. This type of environment would be open to students where they can go and hang out without spending an outrageous amount of money or in a party atmosphere like the 9 Bar and Club. Alcohol could still be offered to people who are legally able to drink and want to be in that type of environment.

The layout of Brookings also limits who can partake in activities. Because Brookings is so spread out, it’s almost impossible to get somewhere quickly without a vehicle. Students who come to SDSU without a car are forced to walk however many miles to pick up food at Walmart or bribe a friend to catch a ride.

Public transportation would be helpful to people who need rides, and not just the BATA Bus. Something that’s on a consistent schedule would help—and students could purchase a bus pass, like a parking pass, to help pay for the system. Bonus: this would help relieve pressure on parking at SDSU.

Even entertainment events skip over a large demographic of people when a wider range of music genres aren’t played, or when mainly “small town” events are put on. There needs to be an inclusive effort to appeal to more diverse interests.

But Brookings is a diamond in the rough. There are tons of stuff for people to enjoy here such as bars, bike trails and the outdoors, bowling, ice skating, the movie theater and a fun, hipster collection of downtown shops.

The only problem is that some people can’t access these fun things, and they’re not open late enough for night-owls.

We, at The Collegian, believe Brookings has a lot to offer, but there isn’t much accommodating a wider range of people. That can change if people in the community helps bring about change.

P.S. We also want a Target.


Brookings has stuff to do, but events and activities need to be more accessible to people under 21 and who don’t own a vehicle.