Typical Tailgaters

SELENA YAKABE Lifestyles Editor

No matter how much you fight it, there are always stereotypical roles of tailgating that people just fall into. There’s no shame. Embrace the role you were meant to fill.


The Grill Master

This person can get territorial about their grill. Don’t insult their grilling techniques or their apron. Or even the chef hat. In fact, it’s probably best to back away slowly before they overcook your food.

The Academic

Newbie, under-agers toting their survival packs of beer. The backpack straps act as a security blanket to encourage drinking by helping tie down their nervous emotions and soothe the first-year academic jitters. 

The Super Fan

Because there’s no such thing as toning down team spirit. Nothing says “I am a die-hard Jackrabbit supporter” like bunny ears.

The Squad

Squad does not have individual thoughts. Squad acts as a single, cohesive unit. When squad moves, all members of squad move. When squad drinks, squad drinks. There is no sipping of the beer. Only chug.