SDSU officials investigating sexual assault in Waneta Hall

Collegian staff report

The second sexual assault of the fall semester is currently under a Title IX investigation.

The assault took place in Waneta Hall Sept. 5 at 3 p.m. It was reported Sept. 7.

The Jeanne Clery Act obligates South Dakota State University and other universities to inform students of any crime that occurs on or around the campus. However, this instance did not require university officials to send out a timely alert email.

According to Don Challis, vice president of safety and security, a timely warning was not needed due to “the nature of incident, it didn’t prose an ongoing threat to the community.”

Michelle Johnson, title IX and equal opportunity coordinator, and the Title IX office are looking into the situation.

Johnson could not comment on the details of the incident, but she reminded students that sexual assault encompasses a variety of actions, and “it doesn’t necessarily mean there was penetration or there was sex.”