“Life’s better in margaritaville”

SELENA YAKABE Lifestyles Editor

Editor’s note: Continuing the “Five of” series this week, I went around town with a few buddies to test out some of the margaritas that Brookings has to offer. As always, my goal is to bring only the best (and sometimes weirdest) food and drink to readers.

I went to three different restaurants this week to test out just how well they can mix their tequila: Buffalo Wild Wings, Cubby’s Sports Bar and Grill and Guadalajara’s.

I want to make a small disclaimer because all of the margarita’s I tried were blended. This is just because I prefer feeling like I’m drinking an alcoholic slushie, but I hear that if you get a margarita on the rocks, they tend to contain more tequila. Just something to keep in mind.

I also want to add that I really am not a tequila person, so I was surprised to find some margaritas I enjoyed, especially since I’m also not a huge “fruity” drink kind of lady.

1. Twisted Margarita

Though Buffalo Wild Wings is well-known for their wings and beer, they also offer a selection of mixed drinks, including (to my surprise) some pretty tasty margaritas. The twisted margarita is a combination of strawberry and mango flavors and, of course, tequila.

What Buffalo Wild Wings had to say: This week we do get to hear the glorious words of “Bdubs” because I contacted them at a more reasonable hour.

“I would say the twisted margarita is our most popular margarita,” said Shelby Rindels, Buffalo Wild Wings manager. “I prefer the twisted just because I like the taste of mango and strawberry together. The fruitier the better I guess.”

My take: This was by far my favorite margarita, but that might just be because I pretty much love everything mango-flavored. This is definitely fruity and sweet, but in a good kind of way.

2.Strawberry Margarita

This is just one of the many margarita’s at Buffalo Wild Wings, but there are no hidden secrets in this alcoholic beverage, ladies and gents. It is exactly what it sounds like—strawberry.

What Buffalo Wild Wings had to say: “I also like this margarita just because it’s fruity,” Rindels said. “I like any fruity flavor over just like a lime flavor.”

My take: This was sweet, but not overly sweet. I also had a mixed berry margarita at Buffalo Wild Wings, which was sickly sweet, so believe me, I know. I think this had a good balance. Plus strawberry is just a classic.

3.Cantaloupe Ginger Sorbet

As one of the several flavors Cubby’s can make, this margarita also has no secrets. The flavor is in the name. Though I don’t know for sure what they put in this, I’m assuming it’s just some melon flavored syrup in a normal margarita.

What Cubby’s had to say: “Your regular lime blended margarita or on the rocks is the most popular by far,” Chris Stoltenberg, Cubby’s manager, said. “We can make all sorts of flavors — raspberry, strawberry — but lime is a mainstay.”

My take: This was my second favorite margarita that I loved for a similar reason to my first favorite. I love melon. So this drink quickly stole my heart…and my taste buds.

4. Raspberry Margarita

This is another margarita from Cubby’s. And again, it’s pretty much what it sounds like. On a random side note, Cubby’s puts their margaritas in some cool, colorful glasses.

What Cubby’s had to say: “A lot of people like to upgrade to get a higher-end tequila,” Stoltenberg said. “We can always cater to that if wanted.”

My take: Raspberry pretty much never lets me down. It’s definitely a solid choice for a margarita, and squeezing the lime into it just makes it that much better.

5. Pineapple Margarita

This is one of the margaritas that Guadalajara’s has to offer. I feel like this margarita was larger than the others that I tried. Though I have no idea how many ounces it actually was, a friend and I debated it was probably somewhere between 16 and 24 ounces.

What Guadalajara’s had to say: “On the rocks with an extra shot is most popular,” Maria Vega, a Guadalajara’s employee, said. “Strawberry is probably the most popular flavor.”

My take: Pineapple is a very refreshing flavor to have for your margarita. I think this was a little on the sweeter side, but mixing it up from the standard lime or strawberry margarita is always fun. I would definitely recommend. Plus, who says no to Mexican food? Certainly not me.

This week was definitely not a fail because it’s never a fail when I get to enjoy some alcoholic beverages, even if they are fruity and over-priced alcoholic beverages (what can I say, it’s not easy on the pocket book). Be sure to check back in next week for some of the best or weirdest craft brews in Brookings.