Brookings: a place of entertainment


The South Dakota State campus is a large part of Brookings with plenty of activities to offer, but there are still options for students outside of campus.

Students who attend SDSU come from different types of towns or cities. Sam VanOrman, freshman human biology major, said a person’s opinion about Brookings depends on where they’re from.

“It’s about the same from where I come from, so there isn’t much change in things to do around here,” VanOrman said.

People can go to many places off campus to get away from campus life or relax, such as the Dakota Nature Park and Larson Park.

The Dakota Nature Park features walking and bike trails and a center where people can rent fishing rods, kayaks, canoes and other outdoor gear.

Larson Park features walking trails as well as an 18-hole disc golf course. There is also a basketball court, playground area and a field to play croquet.

Brookings has entertainment venues including clothing boutiques, coffee shops, salons, hunting stores, bars and trails.

Other options include Cinema 5 Movie Theatre and Prairie Lanes Bowling Alley.

SDSU has programs and events almost every weekend. Adam Karnopp, director of orientation, puts together “Weekend Stuff” activities for students to attend.

Weekend Stuff was created to make sure there was always something on the weekends for students to attend. Karnopp and his team try to scan the environment and contact clubs across campus to see what is going on for the weekend.

Karnopp mostly focuses on events and programs happening on campus, but he has advertised events held off campus too.

“I don’t plan against people, I find out what they have planned and then I fill in the gaps with my events,” Karnopp said.

Weekend Stuff is widely advertised throughout campus. There are signs hanging in the Market in The Union as well as posters with Friday and Saturday events in the residence halls across campus. There is also a “Weekend Stuff” Facebook page, which keeps students up to date on events happening around them.