Why we are voting for Trump and you should too


This presidential race is one of the most turbulent in recent history of the United States.

Through a tough and grueling primary race, both major parties have cut their pool of potential candidates down to the two names that seem to be on everyone’s lips: Donald Trump for the Republican Party and Hillary Clinton for the Democratic Party. 

We are proud we are voting for Donald Trump for president of the United States. 

We are not ashamed to admit this. In fact, we are proud to declare this. 

Donald Trump earned our vote for several major reasons. The first of which is his deep admiration and respect for this nation’s military. 

Not a speech goes by where Trump doesn’t take a moment to give thanks or remembrance for the nation’s veterans. During the past eight years, the military has been cut down to pre-World War I standards, while simultaneously being tasked more and more across multiple theaters of combat. President Kennedy once said, “It is an unfortunate fact that we secure peace only by preparing for war.” 

For the past eight years, the United States military has proven itself an efficient and deadly instrument in war. But the enemies of our nation have been building while we have been fighting, leaving the national defense of this nation in a precarious state. 

The second major reason we are voting for Trump is because he is anti-establishment. 

Career politicians from both sides of the aisle have devoted time and money to ensuring Trump does not reach the Oval Office. While this is expected from Democratic politicians, such efforts have also come from several Republican politicians. This is worrisome to us, and many other Trump-supporters we know. But this shows Trump is a threat to the established career politicians because if so many career politicians are devoting so much effort to not seeing a Trump presidency, one must wonder why. 

That is because he is planning on “draining the swamp.”

In other words, he is planning on introducing a constitutional amendment imposing term limits on all members of Congress. This will allow fresh ideas and energies to fill the rank and file of our government.

Thirdly, we are voting for Trump because of the personal sacrifice he is making to run for office. 

He put his multi-billion dollar company on hold to run. Throughout his campaign, Trump has put his focus on the American people and the welfare of everyone inside this nation. When he talks about his plans for the future it isn’t usually worded as an “I” statement … it is almost a ‘we” statement. 

Lastly, Trump plans on major tax cuts for the middle and lower class, while eliminating loopholes the wealthy one percent have been exploiting for years. 

The United States doing better economically is something everyone can agree on and will have positive repercussions for the people of this nation. 

Voting in and of itself is a huge responsibility for citizens of the United States and is something we take very seriously. 

It is for that reason, and the reasons listed here, that we are proudly voting for Donald Trump. 


Cody Hoyes is an agricultural science major at SDSU and can be reached at [email protected]. Nathan Stafford is a history education major at SDSU and can be reached at [email protected].