Putting the “style” in Lifestyles


Every person has their own story and their own interests. I believe that a good journalist should tell people’s stories and teach people new things. In my new role as lifestyles editor, I hope to achieve that.    

My name is Laura Butterbrodt. I’m a sophomore journalism major with minors in global studies and music. My small hometown of Granite Falls, Minnesota is just far enough away for me to feel independent, but close enough to be able to visit my dog.    

I developed a passion for the arts while growing up. While writing ranked at the top of my passions, my love for music, reading and theatre still hold special places in my heart. Because of this, my section may include more features of the performances and talents right here on campus. There also may or may not be recipes, crafts or destination highlights. I haven’t quite decided exactly where my section will go, but I think, in a way, that’s kind of exciting.

I always seem to make myself extremely busy. Taking classes, working part time, joining extracurriculars, hitting the gym, having a social life and (usually) doing my homework just didn’t seem to be enough for me, so here I am at The Collegian. I’m excited to get more experience in the journalism field, and I can’t wait to get to know more people and happenings around campus.