Get your bindles ready: looking forward to Hobo Day


With the new year comes a new semester and, most importantly, another Hobo Day. The grand question is: Who will lead South Dakota State’s rag-tag band of wanderers? Well, the Grand Pooba, of course, and this year’s leader is Anna Chicoine, a senior English major. 

“Despite choosing a life of wandering and adventuring, we will always remember where our roots lie and where we have been,” Chicoine said. 

The SDSU spirit is one of change, but Chicoine believes that to continue Hobo Day she needs to build off the traditions of the past. 

“I don’t necessarily think it’s about what I plan on doing differently,” Chicoine said, “rather how we as a new committee can continue to grow  the momentum of what the past committees have established.” 

The committee has not yet been chosen, but applications go out within the first few weeks of the spring semester. 

Chicoine is most excited for the BumFire, which involves a large bonfire near the football stadium. The event was created in 2016 and Chicoine is excited to bring it back and cultivate it as a piece of Hobo Day history.

The BumFire and Hobo Day are not all on the shoulders of Chicoine and the committee, though. For Hobo Day to be fully realized they will need the help of students and faculty alike. 

“It’s up to us [the committee] to plan and deliver exciting events that demonstrate the legacy Hobo Day has,” Chicoine said. “I think that the more people know about Hobo Day and why we celebrate it, the more they’ll want to buy into the events throughout the week and the Hobo Spirit.”