Capers cast celebrates year, looks to future


After the lights go down, lines were delivered and dances were performed, Alpha Psi Omega looks to improve next year’s Capers by reflecting on this year’s show.

APO is South Dakota State University’s theatre honors society. Members of the organization write, choreograph and produce the sketch show with a different theme each year. This year’s theme was a spin-off of Saturday Night Live.

The 72nd Capers production had a cast of 131 people, all with different majors and grades.

“We had the best cast this year,” said Gracie Davidson, APO president. “They worked hard and were serious about the show. A lot of things typically go wrong — sound cues aren’t done, lights not working — but we were organized this year.”

Allie Kantack, APO member, choreographed and directed part of the show. She echoed Davidson’s sentiment about this year’s cast.

“They picked up on choreography quickly and brought a lot of their personality into the scenes. APO always writes funny scripts, but the Capers cast always makes them even better,” Kantack said. “Overall, the cast this year put so much fun into everything. They’re the reason we love what we do.”

Davidson said this year’s audience members seemed happy overall with the show.

“People specifically came up to me saying they thought it was the best Capers, and that the skits this year were the best part,” Davidson said.

According to Davidson, the SNL theme helped make better comedy because they were longer and had continuity.

Colton O’Farrell, freshman human biology and political science major, was in six dance numbers for Capers until he had to drop out due to sickness.

“It was nice to see the skit half of it,” said O’Farrell. “They were all really funny.”

The skits addressed meme addictions, the cowbell ban at SDSU sports games and the school’s rivalry with the University of South Dakota by dragging a coyote offstage.

While Davidson thought the skits were better, she said APO hopes to make the comedy even more entertaining next year. 

“We want to push the limits more,” Davidson said. “We want to focus on great comedy. We want more students to come out [for Capers].”

Kantack said she looks to bring new styles of dance to Capers next year.

“I always enjoy new styles of dance to Capers,” Kantack said. “Before I choreograph, I do a lot of research on genres of dance and make plenty of time to write our script.”

APO hasn’t had their postmortem Capers meeting yet, but the Kantack said planning for next year has already begun.

“We are starting earlier than usual so that we can toss some ideas around and choreography that is authentic and fun, she said.”

Davidson wants to see changes to get more people into the show. She said SDSU can expect ticket prices to decrease from $11 for students and $14 for adults in the next year or two. 

She also hopes to promote Capers earlier in the school year. Davidson said she was looking into how they could be involved with New Student Orientation and promote the event more within the first week of school.

“We’re going to work harder,” Davison said. “We want to see what we can do to market Capers better.”