SA discusses PAC expansion and allocation of GAF increase



By EMILY De WAARD News Editor

Students’ Association’s Feb. 13 meeting featured two key presentations regarding the expansion of the Performing Arts Center and SA’s proposal for allocating the General Activity Fee increase.

Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences Dennis Papini and Rina Reynolds, development director for the College of Arts and Sciences from the SDSU Foundation, spoke to senators about the PAC expansion.

The expansion is planned to begin in April and be completed by January 2019. Overall, construction will cost about $50 million.

SA President Ally Helms and Sen. Nathaniel Condelli presented SA’s proposal for the GAF increase. The presentation outlined SA’s allocation plan for a GAF increase of $5.57, which will gradually increase by $5.57 by fiscal year 2019.

Additionally, the university’s GAF strategic plan proposed shifting the bond and utility fee solely to the GAF, while SA proposes a mixed-fee method. SA moved Resolutions 16-13-R and 16-14-R, dealing with the GAF proposal and B&U fee, respectively, to topics of discussion for their next meeting.

SA also gave a first reading of Resolution 16-12-R, showing their support for President Barry Dunn’s Wokini Initiative, which is meant to create support and service programs for Native American students at SDSU.

The SA presidential slate was opened and Sen. Condelli nominated Vice President Lane Speirs and Programming and Public Relations Chair Kirby Krogstad. 

The next SA meeting will be at 7 p.m. Feb. 27, in the Lewis and Clark room in The Union.