Athletes need to be more competitive

By ANDREW HOLTAN Sports Editor

Sergio Garcia won the 81st edition of the Masters Golf Tournament Sunday, at the Augusta National Golf Course in Augusta, Georgia.

Garcia defeated Justin Rose after he birdied the first hole in a playoff, where Rose got a par.

The tournament is four days long and, despite what people say about golf, the final round of the Masters can be one of the most exciting things to watch in sports.

Sunday did not disappoint. Garcia and Rose came into the day tied for first, at six under par. Rose jumped out to a three stroke lead after Garcia bogeyed on the 11th and 12th holes. Garcia would come back and tie it up after birdying the 14th and getting an eagle on the 15th.

Something weird happened after that, though. Rose actually gave Garcia a high five and was smiling, moments after he missed his eagle putt that would have kept him up one stroke.

That made me upset. I like my athletes to be competitive, especially when they are playing to win the biggest golf tournament in the world. Golf is also a sport where it’s all on you and you should feel frustrated, because there is no one else to blame. I know I have certainly slammed my club on the ground at the golf course. 

I realize that sportsmanship is a great thing. I’m not saying you can’t congratulate your opponent after the game, but to give your opponent a high five after he ties you with four holes left? That’s preposterous.

There’s nothing better in sports than when two teams — or in this case golfers — hate each other and wait for when it’s done to show sportsmanship. It’s special, because you know that the athletes are giving it their all to put on a show for their fans. Emotion from athletes can bring out the best emotion in fans.

I have a feeling this would not happen in any other sport except golf. I can also tell you that if this happened to Tiger Woods he would not high five his opponent.

I lost respect for Justin Rose yesterday because it really just seems like he doesn’t care at all. Even in the post-round interview he was smiling. He blew a three shot lead in six holes. I would be furious, but that’s just me.

The point is, I want athletes to be competitive. It makes sports a lot more fun to watch and I know that some athletes don’t care at all what the fans think, but they are what brings in revenue. If fans are not watching your sport because it’s not exciting, then your sport will not gain revenue. So you should be more competitive.