Little ‘I’ engagement: where are they now?

By LIBBEY MILES Lifestyles Reporter

At the end of last year’s Little International exposition, manager Adam Krause proposed to his then-girlfriend, Taylor (Leonhardt) Krause. 

Taylor said the whole Little “I” staff was in the arena with them and described the setting as a “very cool atmosphere and feeling.” After thanking a few people, including Taylor, Adam got down on one knee.   

“I wasn’t sure if I should propose to Taylor last year, because I didn’t want to steal the spotlight from such a great event,” Adam said. “But after talking to some good friends, they convinced me everyone would be as excited as I was.” 

Taylor said the proposal was completely unexpected, but many of her friends and Little “I” colleagues knew about it. 

“I was so excited,” Taylor said. “The next thing I remember is being embraced in a giant hug from all of the Little ‘I’ staff and some friends.”   

Taylor’s parents and grandma were also there to watch the engagement take place.   

Cindy Leonhardt, Taylor’s mother, said Adam never told them exactly when he was going to propose that day, so there was a lot of anticipation and waiting. She described the moment he chose as totally perfect. She said the arena and stands were all full and there was a spotlight on the couple as Adam proposed.  

“She had no idea,” Leonhardt said. “It was unbelievable because of the atmosphere. When everyone realized, they went wild.” 

Elizabeth Abernathy, Taylor’s grandmother, joined them in the front to watch. 

“It was really special and I was really happy for them,” Abernathy said. “I think it made wonderful memories.”

When asked about the significance of Little “I” for the engagement, Taylor said they both love agriculture. Adam grew up on a farm near Clear Lake and Taylor grew up on a farm near Groton. Both have shown animals in Little “I” and it is something they enjoy doing together.   

The couple met through friends in college as freshmen. Adam was in Alpha Gamma Rho and Taylor was in Sigma Alpha. They started dating as sophomores, after having a few classes together and being in the same social circles.   

Adam graduated with an agricultural business degree last May and is currently working on his family’s farm, where he recently built a hog nursery. Taylor will graduate in May with an agricultural education and leadership degree and hopes to find a position teaching agriculture.   

The couple was married March 4, just in time for them to attend the 94th Little “I.” Taylor showed a novice pig, making it to finals and Adam was there to watch and give advice.