Stay thankful if you’re staying busy

This past weekend, I spent a majority of my time competing in a track meet at Southwest Minnesota State University. I was able to throw javelin and shot put for my first outdoor meet of the season.

Although my marks weren’t as far as I would’ve liked them to be, I’m still extremely grateful that I even get to compete for SDSU. When I came back I had a large list of things I had to do for classes. However, I’m not trying to get overwhelmed; I’m trying to appreciate the fact that I am so busy.

There are some days where I am overwhelmed by the little things that come along with being a student athlete in college.

For example, practice times that take over lunch time, or having less time to dedicate to studies due to practice, lifting times and meets on the weekend. I’m sure most students are overwhelmed by something, whether it be their job or any extracurriculars. It can be a number of things.

But let me tell you something:

I wouldn’t trade the practices, lifting, or busy weeks and weekends for anything.

My point is that we need to realize that all the little responsibilities that come along with being involved are not necessarily obstacles or limitations, but opportunities. And the sad truth is that those opportunities can be taken away from us within seconds.

The thought of the opportunities that I have being taken away from me scares me more than anything.

Those little things can be taken away from you at any time; and so can any tough times or opportunities that are associated with them.

It’s not excessive to express your gratitude every day. It should be practiced. Take a second to be thankful for all the little “hardships” that come along with being involved. And realize how boring life would be without all of them. 


Rachel Astleford is a nutrition and dietetics major and can be reached at [email protected].