Top 10 things to do in your first month at SDSU


1. Call home, but don’t go home

Check in with family and stay connected, but immerse yourself in campus life. Plus, there are tons of stuff to do on campus over the weekend.

2. Immerse yourself in MeetState

Picnics, social events, Convocation, ThumpStart and student engagement opportunities. What more could you ask for?

3. Go to class

#EveryClassEveryTime. It’s the biggest key to success as a student — just showing up.

4. Try a group fitness class for free

“Free Week” at the Wellness Center is the first week of classes. While you’re there, familiarize yourself with the health clinic, counseling and recreation.

5. Schedule an appointment with your academic adviser

Chat about courses, academic goals, getting involved and your big dreams.

6. Find a club or event to attend

Get familiar with Jacks Club Hub and see all the great things students are doing.

7. Engage with SDSU’s Common Read

Read the book, attend the events and open your mind to new ideas. It’s an experience all first year students can share.

8. Create your weekly schedule

Classes, studying, sleeping, eating, socializing, working, living, tutoring appointments, Supplemental Instruction (SI) sessions and making a habit of checking Jacks email.

9. Explore Brookings

September weather in South Dakota is beautiful. Explore McCrory Gardens, Dakota Nature Park and downtown. Take your roommate out to lunch.

10. Climb the Campanile, then eat ice cream

We love our traditions. We know you will too.