Jacks are hobos by choice

ANNA CHICOINE 2017 Grand Pooba

For more than 100 years, students have celebrated South Dakota State’s history and traditions with the homecoming celebration Hobo Day.

The tagline for Hobo Day 2017 is Homeward Bound. This year’s tagline comes from the post-Civil War era, when soldiers rode the rails to and from their hometowns and worked odd jobs along the way.

The term was shortened to “hobo,” which has since been applied to many wandering workers as well as SDSU students. Every Jackrabbit is also a “Hobo by Choice,” someone who has made the decision to leave home and seek new opportunities and adventures at SDSU.

Having a celebration that has been around since 1912 gives students the opportunity to partake in traditions that thousands before them have enjoyed, connecting them forever to the Jackrabbit family.

This year, we have an entire Hobo Week of events planned to help all students embrace the wandering and adventurous spirit here at SDSU.

Monday: Rally at the Rails

Rally at the Rails is a pep rally to kick off Hobo Week. Held in Downtown Brookings outside Wooden Legs, this event includes carnival games and a live band.

Tuesday: Bum A Meal and BumFire

Bum A Meal is a chance for students to go out into the Brookings community and receive a free meal. We will pair you with a home in Brookings to go and eat with. 

The BumFire offers students an opportunity to meet back on campus after Bum A Meal and enjoy a bonfire and great company!

Wednesday: Hobolympics

Hobolympics is a team event comprised of minute to win it style games. Teams of four compete in challenges such as bobbing for bum stew, a bum-themed obstacle course, water balloon launch or interpretive dance competition — hobo edition.

Thursday: BumOver

Students build their own hobo camps out of cardboard. We provide the cardboard, you provide the design. Past homes have included igloos, train cars, the Campanile, or a hobo campsite. Games, snacks, and music will be provided if you want to participate but don’t want to build a hobo camp.