Quiz: What kind of roommate are you?



1. What do you look for in a roommate?

a.     A bestie I can spend all my time with

b.     Someone who is clean

c.      Someone chill and relaxed

d.     Someone who will take me along when they 

        do something

2. Which bed do you prefer?

a.     Lofted, so there’s more room for my stuff

b.     Unlofted. It’s easier.

c.      I’ll just sleep on the futon

d.     I’ll do whatever my roomie thinks is best

3. How do you spend your free time?

a.     Going out and spending time with friends

b.     Studying and doing homework

c.      Napping and Netflixing

d.     Whatever other people are doing

4. How neat are you?

a.     I don’t really have time to stay organized

b.     I cannot STAND a mess

c.      I’m pretty organized, most of the time

d.     I’ll clean up my side if my roommate cleans 

        their side

5. What time do you go to bed?

a.     Whatever time my friends and I get home

b.     11 p.m. on the dot

c.      I don’t really have a specific time

d.     When my roomie turns off the light

6. What is your biggest pet peeve?

a.     Awkwardness

b.     Someone who is loud

c.      Someone bossy

d.     Not being invited

7. How often do you want to hang out with your roommate?

a.     24/7

b.     Never, unless I have to

c.      Sometimes, but not all the time

d.     Whenever my roomie wants to hang out

8. How did you and your roommate meet?

a.     We already were best friends

b.     We were randomly selected

c.      We met a few times before coming to SDSU

d.     We met through an online roommate search


The results:


Mostly A: The Friendly Roommate

You want you and your roomie to be the best of friends. You see a roommate as a new person to hang out with and someone to always be there for you.


Mostly B: The Nitpicky Roommate

You want your roommate to follow your rules of the room and to always clean up. You see your room as a neat place and you like to stay right on your schedule.


Mostly C: The Chill Roommate

You can easily go with the flow and would like your roommate to do the same. You like to be social, but you also need some time to just relax and reflect on your day.


Mostly D: The Tagalong Roommate 

You like to be included and are hoping for a roommate who does fun things that you can join in on. You easily adapt to your roommate’s schedule and prefer them to set the ground rules.