SA back in session



By EMILY De WAARD Managing Editor

Students’ Association kicked off the semester with their first meeting of the academic year Monday night.

There were many new faces in the room as newly-elected President Taylin Albrecht brought the meeting into session with now Vice President Allyson Helms at her side. Each person on the executive team highlighted some goals for the year as well as senators around the room.

Albrecht is focusing her efforts on collaborating with groups on campus to revamp the tailgating experience for students. She announced a new location for student tailgating between the stadium and Frost Arena in the northwest corner.

“We want to make sure students are excited,” Albrecht said. “Athletics is working really hard to make that a good space. We’re all hoping to get other student groups involved, have events, programs, games.”

Helms mentioned she wants to look into the parameters of the mandatory co-pay implemented spring of 2017 at the student health clinic in the Wellness Center. This requires students to pay around $25 of a co-pay for any clinic visit, whether or not they have insurance. Helms said she wants to look into this, as general activity fee (GAF) money from student fees already goes toward paying for clinic services.

Additionally, Albrecht and Helms will be looking at the student promotion fund.

“The university is allocated $50,000 from the city per year, which is based on numbers from 10 years ago,” Helms explained.

Albrecht added, “We just want to have better oversight of these funds and how they are being used and see what programs they could be put toward.”

The rest of the Senate meeting consisted of brainstorming around the room of issues senators plan to tackle this year. They also passed amendments 17-01-A and 17-02-A.

17-01-A clarifies some specific duties of senators, and 17-02-A called for the SA Board of Directors to establish a regular meeting.

The next SA meeting will be at 7 p.m. August 28 in the Lewis and Clark room of The Union.