Note to self: love yourself through difficult times



Kelsey Bender

Kelsey Bender, Columnist

During my time in college, I have noticed through my own experiences and others that it’s easy to fall into a trap. The trap I’m referring to is the feeling of being powerless and overwhelmed.

You feel as if you are always behind or always need to be doing something. You start to compare yourself to other people you see in class or around campus. You tell yourself that these people are doing perfectly fine and not struggling like you.

But here’s a reality check: they are struggling just like you.

College is a time of exploration and finding yourself, but also a time to spend a ton of money and try to get perfect grades in difficult classes. A lot is going on for everyone and it sucks … sometimes.

So, with that being said, I have also noticed throughout my time at SDSU it is important to love yourself and know you are capable of having a bright future even though it seems unlikely at times.

I found the best way to start loving yourself is to stop comparing yourself to others. You have your strengths and weaknesses and they have theirs. If you wish to compare, the best comparison is between who you are today and who you were a month ago. Work to be the better version of you.

You also need to love yourself enough to find ways to deal with the common struggles of college. You may have got a lower grade than what you wanted on that biology exam, but that grade does not define you. That grade may show a mistake was made, but you can always do better the next time.

Maybe you accidentally forgot to hand in an assignment. You’re not that horrible, stupid person you may think you are, instead you are what we call human. Don’t let these mistakes define you. Find ways to do better. Find a way to love yourself through those tough times because in those times love is most powerful.

No algorithm exists for loving yourself. It’s something we all must do on our own, but just as I have taught myself to love who I am it’s possible for you to teach yourself to love you. Always remember you are enough, you may have doubts and struggles but you’re the only one who can limit you, don’t be that limitation.

Love who you are.

Kelsey Bender is a columnist for The Collegian and can be reached at [email protected].