Single’s guide to Valentine’s Day


Collegian graphic by SUHYEON HAN

Emma Anderson, Lifestyles

Although Feb. 14  is typically a day enjoyed by people in relationships, it does not have to be that way. There are plenty of ways to celebrate the day, even if a significant other isn’t in the picture.

“I have so much fun with my girls that we almost forget that it’s Valentine’s Day,” junior interior design major Isabela Torres said.

Gathering your friend group is a great distraction from the romantic side of Valentine’s Day. Get your single friends together and make the most of it this year.

“I love just to have a girls’ night.” Torres said. “We make chocolate covered strawberries, cook meals together, play games and watch movies.”

Senior human development and family studies major Shannon Nesland also enjoys spending the day surrounded by friends.

“Binge-watching romantic comedies, doing crafts, going shopping and having a Galentine’s Day are all really fun ways to make Valentine’s Day a little more exciting if you are not in a relationship,” Nesland said.

However, Nesland also recognizes  sometimes it is also fun to spend the day treating yourself and spending time participating in things you enjoy doing by yourself.

“I don’t think there’s anything wrong with buying yourself all the fantastic Valentine’s Day goodies like chocolate covered strawberries or candy.” Nesland said, “You can also treat yourself to your favorite food and go see a movie without needing a boyfriend or girlfriend.”

Sometimes even having a spa day with yourself can be fun. Load up on your favorite face masks and give yourself at-home-manicures and pedicures.

“Going to the Wellness Center, cracking open a good book or even binge-watching some Netflix with your favorite snacks can be really relaxing,” junior physical education major Danielle Blanchette said.

Nesland also said that if you’re feeling a little lonely, a call to your family or even visiting the Humane Society could be a quick fix.

Outdoor activities can also be a great alternative to staying in on Valentine’s Day.

“Things like going ice fishing, ice skating, snowboarding or skiing are unique ways to spend the day,” Blanchette said.

Valentine’s Day is not just for people in relationships. There are  many ways to make the day memorable, whether with friends or doing things on your own.