Super Bowl LIII predictions


Charles Elmore and his fellow teammates celebrate a third down stop in the fourth quarter. 


John Stiegelmeier

Head football coach

35-31, Patriots

“Tom Brady and Coach Belichick, been there done that.”

Barry Dunn

SDSU President

42-35, Patriots

“Experience will carry the day from both of a coach as well as an athletic perspective.”

Brianna Schreurs
36-27, Rams
“Rams are a strong animal, I have a picture of a ram in my bedroom and it’s pretty. That’s why I vote Rams.”

John Begeman

Sports Reporter

34-31, Patriots.

“Because Tom Brady will lead a powerful offensive attack and their average defense will find a way to shut down the Rams explosive offense. Truth be told I want the Rams to win. I hate the Patriots because of their success.”

Colton Prince

Sports Reporter

31-27, Patriots

“I want the Rams, but Tom Brady is just too good.”

Landon Dierks

Sports Reporter

35-27, Patriots

“Sean McVay is arguably the great offensive mind in the NFL right now and, on paper, the Rams are more talented than the Patriots on both sides of the football, but Andy Reid and the Chiefs had similar advantages in the AFC title game, plus home-field advantage and still couldn’t win.

Oh, and there’s this: Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are the greatest player-coach duo in the history of the NFL.

I expect it to be close, but it’s hard for me to imagine Brady, Belichick and the Patriots losing after what happened in the Super Bowl last year.”

Trenton Abrego

Sports Editor

30-27, Rams

“Because the Madden simulation said so, and Greg Zuerlein is the best player in this game.”

Benjamin Krueger

Sports Reporter

34-28, Patriots

“It will be a moderately high scoring game with big momentum defense plays and turnovers. Overall though, offense will dominate and it will be a close game throughout. It comes down to the inexperience of the entire Rams team and Tom Brady is too good in close games late, it will be close, but the Patriots will come on top.”

Andrew Holtan

Sports Reporter

34-30, Patriots

“Because Rex Burkhead epitomizes grittiness. Pat Devlin also epitomizes grittiness.”

Tori Berndt

Sports Reporter

31-28, Rams

“Tom Brady can’t handle Aaron Donald.

(Probably won’t happen but I won’t accept another Patriots ring)”

Gage Weller

Sports Reporter

28-21 Patriots

“I want the Rams to win personally, but I think the Patriots are going to win. Tom Brady has just so much experience in Super Bowls and big games like this, he will have to lead the Patriots to a win and I think he’ll do that.”

Jordon Shoenrock

Sports Reporter

27-24, Rams

“Tom Brady will throw two picks and two touchdowns. Jared Goff will throw for two touchdowns while throwing one interception. Todd Gurley will run for a touchdown. Greg Zuerlein will kick a field goal with in the final two minutes of game to win the Super Bowl for the Rams.”