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How to emerge from finals week in one piece


Have the right mindset
Going into finals week thinking negatively and thinking the worst won’t encourage you to try for an A. Instead, try going in with a positive mindset, this can help you want to study hard and ace your finals.

To stay confident and get through finals, sophomore civil engineering major Dylan Thie said, “My key to finals, along with studying, is maintaining a healthy, active lifestyle and a constant vision of success.”

So take a deep breath, and maybe even make a note to put on your mirror that has some motivating words on it. A cheesy reminder like “remember to smile today” or an enthusiastic one like “let’s get this bread” could easily boost your mood.

Have a plan
To avoid forgetting to study for a final, or missing it entirely, it can be helpful to have a plan or schedule.

By having a plan, you can set up a structure to potentially take away any unwanted stress from finals week and make the best of your time to study as much as possible and pass.

In order to get rid of being too stressed out, try blocking out a couple hours of each day to study. By putting aside a small amount of time to map out the finals you have each day for finals week, can help to refrain from neglecting any studying that might need to be done.

Reward yourself
Whether your reward consists of heading out for some ice cream at the Dairy Bar or watching Netflix for twenty minutes between note taking, do whatever you need to give yourself a breather from studying.

Between everyone’s busy study schedules it can be fun to get some people together to go out bowling or to eat at a favorite restaurant.

“To destress after I have been studying for a little while in the morning, I like to go hang out with friends and do something not-studying related for a little while,” sophomore human biology major Abby Hobbs said.

Going out with friends or doing something completely unrelated to studying is something that can help give your brain a break, and that can make finals week seem less intense.

Get some exercise
Going to the gym gives you some downtime that you might not be able to replicate in a dorm or another study space you may have.

And even though exercising isn’t for everyone, it won’t hurt to try it. Even walking around the Wellness Center track for a few minutes can help you out by producing endorphins and get your blood pumping.

“I destress by going to the gym. It helps me stay relaxed and go into my exams feeling confident.” Joey Krueger, sophomore nutrition and dietetics major said.

By staying active, exercising can be a great way to help you get your mind off of a potentially intimidating finals week.

Rest your eyes
Staying up all night for a final can be energy draining. It is easy to understand that sometimes the circumstances can’t help it, but making sure you are getting a good night’s sleep is imperative for performance.

No one wants to start off their day groggy or wake up feeling unmotivated when you should be feeling well-rested, energized and ready for that 7 a.m. final that morning.

Either make sure you are leaving time for at least eight hours of sleep a night, or take little naps throughout the day. Even a 20-minute nap can give your brain a rest and help you recharge.

Grab a buddy
Studying with a group can help keep everyone focused. By having motivated people around that all want to do well on their finals, everyone can benefit.

If you are studying with a group that has the same class as you, it might be helpful to each make a separate study guide.

Try going over the study guide alone, and then see what you struggle with. When the group comes together to study, each person can tell everyone which subjects they need help with understanding or remembering.

Another way to study with someone is to make flashcards or by asking each other questions aloud. This can help with memorizing the information faster because you are verbally processing the question and answer.

Although finals week can seem daunting, following some or all of these tips have the potential to make it a breeze and give you that extra push to make it to Christmas break which is right around the corner.

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