DIY: Hobo Day essentials


Suhyeon Han

Haley Halvorson

It’s time to take advantage of all the Jackrabbit spirit this homecoming week – one way to do that is with festive DIY Hobo Week decoration and apparel.

Many students might spend the week amping up for the game or planning a get-together with friends to celebrate this year’s Hobo Day, but there are numerous ways to show school spirit.

Door decorating

One of the most popular ways to show SDSU support can be to gather crafting supplies and decorate your door in Jackrabbit blue and yellow. Draw inspiration from Pinterest and make DIY pompoms, banners and maybe even a life-size cutout of our mascot, Jack.

Clothing hacks

Put a twist on the old Jackrabbit T-shirt in your closet. A way to switch it up this week in the clothing department is to tie dye, cut and tie the bottom of the shirt.

Also check out other ways to cut up a T-shirt and add something that will make you stand out this week.

Home makeover

If you don’t live on campus there are still ways to decorate and embrace school spirit. An empty living room wall can easily serve as a canvas for decor, like an SDSU flag that will be sure to add some blue and yellow to the room. Take pictures of yourself and your roommates at different sporting events to make a photo collage on the wall or fridge.

Homecoming survival kit

While enjoying the tailgate, football game and post-game celebrations, here are some items to create the perfect kit to help yourself through this year’s Hobo Day. Carry around extra cash for those “just in case” scenarios. Use an old pill bottle to store a small first aid kit, Band-Aids, ibuprofen and of course, have a bottle of water nearby to stay hydrated during the day.