Campus highlights for the family


Kirsten Barott


Emma Anderson

The first ever Family Weekend is right around the corner, and whether you’re excited about your family showing up on your turf or not, it is likely they will be bursting with enthusiasm. So, it’s important to give them what they came for (no, it’s not restocking your fridge or buying you supper) — it’s a grand tour of campus.

This might seem like a big task, considering campus is 363 acres, but hitting the main spots will both impress parents and give off the impression of knowing everything about where you spend most of your time (even though we both know you haven’t been a regular at the Wellness Center).


  • The Campanile: If they haven’t already pointed out the “big tower” on the corner of campus, taking the family to climb the 180 steps of this campus and community landmark is sure to impress. If it isn’t already unlocked, don’t worry, the keys can be retrieved at the University Police Department and you can still enjoy the beautiful views.
  • Dana J. Dykhouse Stadium: What better way to spend time with loved ones than with hot dogs, nachos, game day hype and Jacks’ football? On Family Weekend, the Jacks take on Indiana State on Saturday. Everyone is sure to enjoy the Pride’s performances and the general excitement of the day. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with this one.
  • Wellness Center: The Wellness Center was impressive before the 37,500-foot expansion, but now it’s a must-see when showing off parts of campus. During Family Weekend both you and your family can get in for free and use the equipment and courts. You could throw together a game of volleyball or basketball if you wish, and even if you don’t feel like having a sweat sesh with the family, it is still a cool place to show them.
  • Dairy Bar: After you burn (or don’t) all those calories at the Wellness Center, the Dairy Bar is a great place to gain them all back. With tons of different flavors and treats, everyone will find something to enjoy here. Also, your family won’t be able to get over the fact that everything is manufactured right here on campus by students.
  • The Union: The Union is another place to take your family. Not only is it the heart of campus, it also is a perfect place to grab some lunch and relax for a minute. You’ll also want to get the family decked out in Jackrabbit gear before the game, so the University Bookstore is a must (just maybe try to convince your dad not to buy those yellow and blue overalls).


Finally, remember your family is here to see you, and all jokes aside, appreciate the fact they made the effort to do just that. No building on campus or fabricated story about how many times you work out in a week will make up for the memories of simply being with the people who love you most