Lessen our litter: alcohol-related garbage tarnishes campus


Rachel Astleford

As college students of this era, we have grown up in a time when recycling and disposing of trash properly has become a central goal for many organizations and households. Like most universities, if not all, SDSU has implemented several recycling and trash bins around campus in recent years. The university prohibits the possession of alcohol on campus, with the exception of Meadows and Hansen Hall if you are 21 years old and live without an underage roommate. 

Yet, alcohol litter is becoming a regular lawn ornament on our campus. Everywhere you look you can find an orange and silver Busch Light can or a festive blue Bud Light can.

My parents love to come visit me and walk around the campus at least once each semester. However, one thing that they always comment on is the amount of trash — specifically alcohol-related litter — present on campus. 

I dislike seeing the grass and parking lots covered in it as well. It’s not the image of this university I want to present to my parents. 

It is also an image that I don’t want prospective students or recruits to see. Although alcohol may be what some people consider part of the “college culture,” it is irresponsible to leave the litter and waste of it on the campus, for everyone to see. 

We are all at SDSU to get a degree and be active within organizations, and we expect nothing but the best service from the university. So why abuse the campus? Why litter it? 

The university has done an adequate job of providing several places to dispose of any trash that we have. So, take advantage of those opportunities and go above and beyond to make sure it goes where it belongs. 

SDSU’s staff works hard to make sure our campus is beautiful and maintained well, so we should work towards reciprocating that respect by taking care of our stomping grounds.

Rachel Astleford is a nutrition and dietetics major and can be reached at [email protected]