Quick food fixes for hangover


JULIA MITCHELL Cook’s Kitchen in downtown Brookings serves breakfast and lunch all week.

Sydney Wood

A pounding headache, gut-wrenching nausea and extreme exhaustion can riddle the body after a night of drinking.

Hangovers are a necessary evil after consuming too much alcohol. Whether it be the hair of the dog that bit you or a strong cup of black coffee, everyone has their own way of attempting to cure their ailment.

Hailey Snyder, a sophomore theater major, finds the key to a mild hangover is all in preventative measures. 

“You need to eat a good meal before you start to drink,” Snyder said. “Snacking while you’re drinking is also really essential.”

Snyder said water is the main source of her hangover prevention. 

“I either pair every drink I get throughout the night with a glass of water or I just drink a ton of water at the end of the night,” she said.

If her previously mentioned tips don’t quite do the trick, Snyder said she will carbo-load the next morning to “soak up all of the bad stuff from the night before.” 

While some think ahead and prepare before the night starts, others prefer to do damage control. 

“Cook’s Kitchen is the best and it is anything but healthy, it is amazing,” said senior early childhood education major Morgan McCall. 

McCall’s favorite is a hearty serving of hash browns and pancakes from the local brunch restaurant. She also said a large cup of coffee usually helps tame that next-day migraine.

Another popular place in Brookings to dine after a night of drinking is George’s Pizza. 

 Garrett Davis, manager at George’s pizza, said they’re busiest on Friday and Saturday nights. “We sell pizza by the slice, either pepperoni or three meat, that’s probably our most popular option.” 

According to the Mayo Clinic, “cures” for all of your potential symptoms include sipping water and eating something bland like toast or crackers to help settle the stomach. 

Everyone’s body processes alcohol differently, finding what food helps you is key to managing your next-day hangover blues.