Time to legalize marijuana use


Garrett Ammesmaki News Editor

Garrett Ammesmaki

Another marijuana measure has been brought to Pierre.

New Approach South Dakota brought the measure forward in January. If passed, it would legalize the possession and use of cannabis oil. But the question that’s been rolling around in my head since hearing about it is this: What’s the point?

Legalization of recreational marijuana has resulted in nothing the anti marijuana lobby has been crowing on about since the Nixon administration.

It’s safer than alcohol, it’s safer than cigarettes, legalization doesn’t result in increased usage from teens and it doesn’t lead to violent crime.

One worry before it was legalized was increased traffic fatalities, but according to the Washington Post, that didn’t happen either.

So, why wait? Not only is it perfectly safe, it’s a veritable cash cow.

As of 2017, Colorado made half a billion dollars from marijuana taxation and fees according to CNN. That money has been invested in education.

According to the Argus Leader, opponents of marijuana legalization have said the FDA must approve the drug as a controlled substance before it’s used medically.

But the gears of federal government grind slowly, and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has a hardline stance against marijuana.

It just sounds like a way for Attorney General Marty Jackley to pass the buck off on the federal government rather than passing a measure traditionally supported by Democrats.

It’s time for the state of South Dakota to skip medicinal use and just legalize it already.

Let them smoke pot.

Garret Ammesmaki is a News Editor at the Collegian and can be reached at [email protected]