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Lynn Sargeant, Hobo Day Committee addresses the Senate

Kenneth Rebello
Hobo Day Committee President Marissa Vogt addressing the senate.

Dean for College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CAHSS) Lynn Sargeant addressed Senate Monday regarding the renovation of Lincoln Hall and Introduction to Global Citizenship and Diversity class (AHSS 111). 

“Lincoln Hall is our new home,” Sargeant said. “I am very excited, proud and happy that it happened.” 

Sargeant expressed her gratitude to the leaders of 1977-78 Students’ Association as they persuaded Board of Regents (BOR) for funding to keep Lincoln Hall functioning and have it remodeled for the Department of Music back then.   

“It functioned as the home for the Department of Music until the end of 2018,” Sargeant said. “That’s when the Department of Music and Theater program joined together to become the School of Performing Arts at the Oscar Larson Performing Arts Center (PAC).” 

Vice President Hayden Bentz requested Sargeant for suggestions that would positively affect other campus buildings as compared to how Lincoln Hall has been updated. 

“Probably one of the most important things about this building (Lincoln Hall) is newly built collaborative spaces and that is something that the university has struggled to provide,” Sargeant said. “So, I think collaborative spaces are number one and number two is making sure that we have fewer ‘have nots’ like reducing distances.” 

Sen. Grant Sternhagen for Jerome. J. Lohr College of Engineering requested Sargeant for clarity on importance of AHSS 111 class. 

“The information that we received from employers and a part of being accredited was our lack of introducing students to the diversity of the world and thereby needing students to be prepared effectively to function in a diversifiable world,” Sargeant said. 

According to Sargeant, students often brought up issues of the course being termed difficult during their freshman year. She also spoke on how the course had been under constant critique.

Student Organization Reports 

Hobo Day Committee President Marissa Vogt addressed the senate and provided numbers on attendance of participants throughout the Hobo week. 

“We saw a decrease in volunteer numbers this year, but we had 120 entrees in total for the parade,” Vogt said. “49 of these were student entrees and 26 were from the grant and money program.” 

Victoria Hansen has been named Grand Pooba for the 2024 Hobo Day Parade. 

Although weather impacted the Bumfire event, Vogt described it to be one of her favorite events during the Hobo week. 

Senator At-Large Carter Howell and Government Affairs Chair Michael Garofalo commended the Hobo Day Committee for the success of Hobo Day this year. 

Committee and Staff Reports 

Communications Chair Hannah Dayaget and Chief of Staff Benjamin Connor plan to update the SA bylaws on the website this week. 

Diversity Chair Chloe Wisser thanked her predecessor Asledi Castillo for the work she had put in throughout her time. Wisser requested time to settle into her position and encouraged engagement.  

Armed Forces Association (AFA) plan to have a SDSU Military Appreciation Day Saturday, Nov. 18. 

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) informed the senate about the attendees turn out for the Drag Show held last week. Over 160 tickets were sold this year and the Volstorff Ballroom (VBR) had been extended this year to accompany more people. 

Sen. Grace Barnett informed the senate that alcohol sales made about 60-64% of concession sales with Busch Light being the highest after it sold 10,000 cans, which make around nine pallets. The next best sellers were Michelob Ultra, Coors Light and Ears Up respectively. 

Barnett also mentioned that around $250,000 go back to the university from just concession sales. 

Barnett added that the EAPC architect group would be present on-campus and for the upcoming SA Meeting on Nov. 20. Architects have finalized what the front look of Larson Commons would look like post renovations. However, they are looking for student feedbacks on deciding color and finishes of Larson Commons.  

Barnett also added that in regard to Larson Commons renovation, additional space is being considered to keep up with functioning. They plan to have the C-store hours extended and are looking into making flex and blocks interchangeable in specific areas throughout the process of renovation.  

Unfinished Business 

Senators voted to approve Amendment 23-6-A to codify Nonpartisanship of the SA Senate. 


Dayaget encouraged everyone to donate resources to the Jacks’ Cupboard. She also requested to reach out to the Thank-A-Professor program to appreciate professors with having just less than a month for the end of semester. 

Sen. Howell announced his resignation as a senator after having received the position of national FFA officer. 

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