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Campus planners address the senate, senators approve three new clubs

New Women in Business club addresses the senate for approval

Campus Planning 

CO-OP Architecture for campus planning and design addressed Students’ Association on Monday to focus on a master plan for South Dakota State University based on physical environment, long-term needs and future campus development. 

Architect Adam Post said, “One of the things that’s come out of the campus strategic plan is, you know, the pathway to R1 research institution, and so that’s part of our strategy to see how the facility needs to be changed in order to support that.” 

R1 universities primary focus extends beyond teaching to conducting groundbreaking research, often backed by substantial funding from both public and private entities. South Dakota State University classifies under the R2 universities that are designated as ‘Doctoral Universities: High Research Activity.’ 

Post described that the master plan would help create a guide for development and a vision for future that aligns with strategic direction for the university. Strengthening relationships within campus and with the Brookings community are some of the goals that include within the master plan. 

Resource optimization, community dynamics, economic impact, strategic plan alignment, flexible implementation and student engagement and well-being as some of the main key elements that master plan would look forward to fulfilling. 

The proposed schedule spans across a time period with the aim of completion by December 2024. This schedule oversees four phases namely analysis and assessment, big ideas and concepts, phasing and implementation, and lastly, documentation and approval. Currently, the plan is under phase one with gathering information, mapping physical campus analysis, determining issues and having focus groups.  

Post opened discussion to the senate about things they would like to see more and less of on-campus. Government Affairs Chair, Michael Garofalo added that the campus would like to see more parking spaces, while the suggestion of having more green space on-campus was raised. Getting rid of a few crosswalks on Medary Avenue and the addition of more streetlights and call boxes were some suggestions brought forward by the senators. 

New Clubs on-campus 

Students’ Association Senators approved three new clubs on-campus namely the Hacky Sack Jacks, Women in Business Club under the Ness School of Management and Economics and the Spike Club. 

President of the Hacky Sack Jacks, Mason Pulse, a physics and math major informed the senate about at least 20 people who have shown interest in joining the club. 

“Hacky sack is a little ball filled with beans, and you hit it with your foot,” Pulse said. “You’re not allowed to hit it with your hands, and you just try to keep it going for as long as possible.” 

Brittany McKnight, assistant professor of business law and adviser for the Women in Business Club along with Mia Andrejeski, a business economics major and founder of the club discussed goals of having students participate in conferences and gain knowledge via joining the club. 

“My hope is to bring students this year to the conference and to have breakout discussions, lectures and to continue down this journey,” McKnight said. 

Kyle Maher, data science major and president of the Spike Club discussed goals of gathering individuals who wish to improve as roundnet players and spoke about holding regular practice sessions. 

“I got here [SDSU], I wanted to join and found out that we didn’t have one yet [Spike Club],” Maher said. “Right now, there’s a group of about 60 of us and we play around three times a week.” 

Committee and Staff reports 

Chief of Staff Benjamin Connor discussed the grand success of Hobo Day. Connor remarked that his ‘morals had been lifted’ after witnessing the enthusiasm during Hobo Day celebrations. 

Senator Grant Sternhagen of Jerome. J. Lohr College of Engineering discussed Parking and Traffic Committee’s plan to better facilitate parking for facility workers responding to emergency situations on-campus, specifically during peak traffic hours. 

Senator Grace Petersen of College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences (CAFES) provided working hours update on the Union Coffee. The coffee shop would stay open on Saturdays and also be made available for Starship and mobile orders too. 

“If you see, there’s a new smoothie station downstairs, right by the market doors,” Petersen said. “That should be up and running hopefully in the next week or so.” 

Petersen also discussed alcohol sales for the first three football home games with Busch Light having more than 5,400 sales, Coors light with over 5,000 sales, Ears Up with around close to 4,000 and Ultra with just under 4,000. 

A Farmers’ market is scheduled to be held on Thursday, Oct. 26 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. north of the pay lot and would be mostly cash vendors. 


Unfinished Business 

Senators voted on Commemoration 23-3-C. The commemoration was to recognize October of 2023 as LGBTQ+ History month and encourage students to engage with events for the same.  

The commemoration was taken to a roll call vote and was approved with majority votes while three senators voted against it and two abstained.  

Future Discussion 

Vice President Hayden Bentz spoke about the possibility of having a one-day election instead of two-day elections. 



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