SA in brief: Faculty Senate, hockey, food insecurity


Jacob Boyko, News Editor

At the March 20 South Dakota State University Students’ Association meeting, senators passed a resolution recognizing food insecurity on campus, discussed the upcoming SA election and heard from Faculty Senate President David Wiltse.


SDSU’s Faculty Senate is an elected body made up of representatives from each academic college. The Senate aims to have one elected representative for every 20 faculty members in any college. Wiltse, an associate professor of political science and director of The SDSU Poll, serves as Faculty Senate president.

“We articulate any kind of concerns or demands the faculty are making from the administration, [and] administration filters ideas down to us … they will vet certain things and certain ideas before it goes into policy,” Wiltse said about the Faculty Senate’s role at the university. “… the most important function of the body is to be that conduit of information.”

In some cases, SA holds a larger influence than the Faculty Senate. SA commands a budget of about $12 million yearly, while the Faculty Senate doesn’t command any money.

Wiltse said he hopes to see SA and Faculty Senate work more closely next year to solve issues affecting students.

“I would say the issue of student mental wellbeing is one of the best areas to focus on over the next year or two, because let’s face it; students are under stress,” Wiltse said. “Faculty members think we’re under stress —we are —but students are facing pressures that we never did as students, quite honestly.”

SA President Blake Pulse encouraged SA presidential candidates Hunter Eide and Nick Grote to work with Faculty Senate.

 “I would recommend to whoever is in this position next year to keep in contact with them frequently,” Pulse said.

Amendments and Resolutions:

The Senate unanimously passed a resolution recognizing food insecurity at SDSU and expressing support for SDSU’s student food pantry, Jack’s Cupboard.

According to Resolution 22-29-R, food insecurity is a problem that 36% of the college population faces, and that college students overall face an increased risk over the national average.

“Lack of nutrition can aggravate and may even lead to stress and depression, severely impacting a student’s mental health,” Resolution 22-29-R reads.

At the Feb. 7 SA meeting, Jack’s Cupboard Club founder Nicole Schilling told the Senate that the food pantry is struggling to keep food on the shelves. Jack’s Cupboard also decreased operating hours this year to just two days per week.

The Senate also amended the bylaws to allow legislation to be recorded as a commemoration. Previously, legislation was either an ordinance or a resolution.

The Senate also approved a $1,000 special allocation for the Men’s Hockey Club. The funds will be used to support the cost of referees and ice time at the Swiftel Center for one game, according to the request.